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Jack West Wines – Gregoire G3.220 Harvester

Gregoire G3.220

Great machine very manoeuvrable, light and tight turning. All operations from inside the cab means an elimination of a grounds person. Very short and fast head stroke seems to vibrate the berries off with very little damage to any vine structure. Cleaning system reliable and simple process with tried and trusted technology of the axial destemmer. Self levelling is great for undulating country and with the aid of the row sensing the machine stays centralised down the row. The addition of flotation tyres also help to keep the machine very steady, even at full load.


John Lienert 
Jack West Wines
Services Offered:
Grape Harvesting, Pruning and Spraying 
Phone  – 0409 219 431
Email   – johnlienert@bigpond.com
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