‘Shaping the evolution of viticulture’

AgLeader SMS Advanced

SMS Basic and Advanced Comparison

Feature SMS Basic SMS Advanced
File Processing from Most Precision Ag Display Yes Yes
Sorts Data by Geography Yes Yes
Generate Crop Plans Yes Yes
Create, Manage and Export Guidance Lines Yes Yes
Print Summary Maps, Charts and Reports Yes Yes
Aerial/Road Backgrounds Yes Yes
Write Simple Prescriptions Yes Yes
Query Tools to Analyze Specific Areas Yes Yes
Check for Updates Yes Yes
Soil Survey Import (U.S. Only) Yes Yes
Send/Receive Files with AgFiniti* Yes Yes
SMS Basic Functionality Yes Yes
Equation Writing   Yes
Calendar View   Yes
3D Plotting and Terrain Viewing   Yes
Comparison Analysis   Yes
Correlation Analysis   Yes
Terrain Analysis   Yes
NDVI Analysis   Yes
Profit/Loss Mapping   Yes
Backup Scheduling   Yes
Cluster Analysis   Yes
Multi-Year Averaging   Yes
Display Elevation Surface Contours   Yes
Multiple Data Storage Locations   Yes
Project Management Limited Yes
Booklet Printing**   Yes
Water Management**   Yes
Dataset Playback   Yes
Plot Prescription**   Yes
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