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Vine & Post Puller


Vinetech’s Quick Release Skid Steer Post Remover, is a Reliable and Simple Attachment,

Designed to suit most Skid Steers on the Market, for the removal of Vineyard or Fence Line posts.

Mainly Purchased by Large Vineyard, and Fencing Contractors, however Smaller Growers
have also Purchased these Attachments for Smaller Maintenance Repairs.
Vinetech have also been successful at mounting the Post remover to Existing Tractor Fork Frames.
Optional Bolt on Jaws for the Removal of Broken Posts Below Ground Level are available.
Vinetech will be Releasing a Larger Range of Vineyard Skid Steer Attachments in the near Future, suitable for
Redevelopment work.
  • There are no features available
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