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Power Pack

Vinetech Hydraulic Power Pack

Vinetech Hydraulic Power Pack Standard Features

  • 180 litres of 68 Hydraulic oil, more than most, very important for cooling
  • 6mm Mild Steel Tank
  • 12-Volt Thermo Fan on the Oil Cooler, with a Thermo Switch Set at 40 Degrees
  • Cooler with Internal 5 Bar Check Valve
  • CAT 3 Linkage Pins
  • Sight Glass with Level/Temp Guage
  • Parker High Flow Return Filter
  • Safety Relief Valve on Pump
  • Large Tank Inspection Port
  • 1” Return Hoses on Tank
  • Crimped End Suction Lines, not Hose Push-On Tails with Clamps
  • Spare Case Drain Port
  • Tank Oil Drain Port
  • Aluminium Return Manifold with spare 1” BSPP Ports
  • 1 x 80 LPM Pump at 540 PTO
  • Step-Up Box
  • PTO Shaft
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Counter Weight Mount
  • 2 Pack Paint


Optional Extras:


  • Additional Pumps (Tank Has Provision for 2 Pumps Total)
  • Optional Size Pumps Availiable
  • 340Kg Counter Weights Optional
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