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5 Series

Deutz-Fahr has packed the new 5 Series tractors with the most innovative modular technology for maximum efficiency in all conditions.  From 110 to 130HP, these tractors offer  ideal answer for any requirements with a new generation of ecological engines, mechanical, Powershift or CVT transmissions, an intelligent hydraulic system and generous specification complete with PTO.

Designed to offer a work environment with unparalleled levels of functionality and comfort, the new 5 Series also has impressive safety credentials: all models are equipped with a powerful braking system with discs on all 4 wheels, which are all active even when front wheel drive is not engaged.

The new 5 Series cares for the environment, as demonstrated by the general use of environmentally compatible materials throughout the entire production cycle and its compatibility with fuels from renewable sources such as bio diesel.



Compact & powerful, the 5 Series is powered by the new Deutz TCD 3.6 L04, a 3,620 cc four cylinder unit which earned the prize as best engine in its class at BAUMA 2010.

By adopting the most advanced technology, such as: electronically controlled CommonRail injection, a turbocharger with intercooler and wastegate valve,and a proportional speed viscostatic fan, to mention but a few. The result is a minimum specific fuel consumption of just 210 g/kWh – an outstanding figure for an engine of this size.

These engines are designed specifically for agricultural applications, as demonstrated by a torque curve which remains close to maximum torque from 1,200 to 1,900 rpm – the engine speed range used in the majority of agricultural applications – and a torque reserve of more than 30%.



Powershift Transmission. The Australian configuration is an efficient synchromesh mechanical gearbox with a total of 60 forward and 60 reverse speeds. This is achieved by combining 5 speeds with four ranges, coupled with 3 speed powershift speeds to give the operator plenty of gear solutions between 162 metres/hour right up to 40km/h. Another standard feature is the wet clutch power shuttle unit equipped with modulation to make your forward reverse shuttle movements more or less aggressive depending on task at a hand, equipped with STOP & Go you can drive this tractor like an Automatic car.

TTV Transmission.  The new 5 Series is also available with the TTV continuously variable transmission, which splits the power produced by the engine into two units; the majority of the power is transmitted mechanically via a planetary reduction gear unit and wet plate clutches, while the remaining smaller unit transmits power hydraulically by a load sensing pump which feeds a hydraulic motor. By varying the deliveryof the hydraulic pump, the speed of the tractor can be increased or decreased smoothly, without the perceptible jerking typical ofgear shifts with a conventional transmission.



Excellent visibility and unrivalled comfort

The new “E Class” cab of the 5 Series was also a joint development between Deutz-Fahr’s engineers and Giugiaro design. The cab offers a functional, comfortable working environment, with outstanding ergonomics. An attractive design, innovative materials and intelligently colour-coded controls for unparalleled simplicity of use combine to create a cab that is a pleasure to work in. The new E-class cab is the longest and tallest in this segment; and as well as outstanding space and comfort, the cab also offers excellent all-round visibility, even when using the front loader. Every aspect of the design of the new E Class cab is the result of attention to detail, as can be seen in many features such as the high visibility glassroof, the instrument panel which adjusts together with the steering wheel, the padded passenger seat (which folds to facilitate access to and from the driver seat), the wide doors for accessing and exiting the cab, and the new air conditioner system with a generous 10 air vents.



In modern farming, even applications for tractors in the 110 to 130 HP power increasingly call for high capacity hydraulic systems capable of powering multiple distributors without difficulty.  Even the base configuration, with mechanical control and a single 60 l/min pump, comes with 6 rear distributors as standard, which can increased up to 8 and complemented with an oil flow regulator. The FS and TTV variants use an Energy saving system, this system is a 90 lt/min and is  equipped with electro hydraulic valves giving you flow and timer control but most impressive of all full flow at 1600 engine rpm.

All 5 Series models are equipped with “push-pull” hydraulic connectors, for trouble-free connection of hydraulic lines even when pressurised, and with a dedicated container for collecting any oil which may escape during coupling. The rear lift has an impressive capacity of 4650 kg, which may be further increased to 6600 kg with the addition of two external hydraulic rams. The EHR electronic control system enables draft force and position control, mixed control and float modes, by using a pair of load cells near the lower arms as draft sensors. A radar system (offered as one of the optional accessories) may be used to control slippage. This function is invaluable in maximising the efficiency of a tractor in very heavy duty traction applications. The EHR system also performs an number of other functions: quick soil engagement, oscillation damping for implements mounted on the 3-point linkage, position selectable transport lock, lift height limiter and rate of drop control. The optional front lift is offered with lift capacities up to 1850 kg.

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5130 DT



Deutz TCD 3.6 L04 Tier 4i Diesel Engine

4 Cyl/3620cc Turbocharged/Intercooled

Electronically Controlled

Emission control by DOC unit

Liquid/Oil Cooled with proportional viscous fan

High pressure Diesel injection/common rail

127 hp Max hp @ 2300 rpm (2000/25/CE)

7 Hp Power Boost

Torque 480 Nm @1600 rpm

100% Bio Diesel Compliant

2 Programmable Engine Speeds

Powercore Air Filter with Dust Ejectors

Side vertical exhaust

Fuel Tank 165 litres


60/60 forward/reverse speeds

5 speeds/4 Ranges / 3 stage Powershift

Creep gear std

Wet clutch Powershuttle

Shuttle modulation with 5 settings

Comfort Clutch

Stop and Go function

Front Wheel Assist – Push Button

4 Wheel Independent Braking

100% Front & Rear Diff Lock – Push Button

ASM Auto Diff Lock & 4wd Engagement

40 km/h Road speed @ Super Economy RPM


Independent wet multidisc clutch

4 Speed PTO 540/540E- 1000/1000E

Push Button Control in cab/rear fender

Auto PTO

Interchangeable PTO Spline Function

1’’ 3/8 – 6 Spline PTO  shaft

WHEEL EQUIPMENT AND MISCELLANEOUS Fixed Fully Welded Radial Wheel Equipment

440/65R28 Front -540/65R38 Rear

Front Weight Frame

HYDRAULIC/LINKAGE Open Centre Hyd Pump System

60 L/min Hyd flow at Rear Remotes

Separate 40L/min Steering Pump

3 Sets of Remotes with Flow Control

Kickout- Detent & Float

Electronic hitch with position & draft control

Free flow return Line

External Raise & lower on Rear Fenders

Cat 2 Hook ends--telescopic stabilisers

4650 kg lift capacity

12v elec. socket and 7 pin socket for implements

OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT E class Air Conditioned Cab

Mechanical Cabin Suspension

Aerofit Super Deluxe Air Seat

Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

SDD Rapid Steering circuit

Hi Visibility Glass Roof/rear wiper

INFOCENTER Digital Display

Trainee Seat with Seatbelt

MP3 Radio Player with Quad Speakers

Telescopic Mirrors

4 Cabin Work lights

4 Bonnet Front Work lights

Rotating Beacon

WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONS Wheelbase     2430 mm

Length    4270 mm

Total Height    2730mm

Total Weight    4970kg



Manufacturer: Deutz-Fahr
Tractor Type: $4
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