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High Pressure Fungicide Sprayer


Pastro Custom Ag, High Pressure Fungicide Sprayer

The Panther Canopy Manager/ Fungicide sprayer is fitted with hydraulically driven axial fans and or hydraulic high pressure nozzles. Suitable for larger canopies using a combination of turbulent air and high pressure water output, with an on-board hydraulic power pack (with axial fans only). You can choose from a single or double axle unit giving increased stability. With a robust chassis and boom design giving you maximum performance and minimal downtime.

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Pastro Custom Ag, High Pressure Fungicide Sprayer

  • 2000 ltr - 6000 ltr tank capacity
  • Various boom sizes to suit 2 or 3-row configuration
  • Single or tandem suspension axle
  • High volume or concentrate rate application
  • Air assisted or hydraulic spray application
  • Hydraulic width adjustment
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Standard or 3-Point Linkage drawbar
  • Terrace kit option
Manufacturer: Pastro Custom AG
Tractor Type: $0
Sprayer: Fungicide Sprayers Vineyard
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