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6140 TTV


6140 TTV – 50kph


The 6 Series 4 cylinder range provides the best technology mix in its class. DEUTZ-FAHR has expanded its series offering two models with the 6130(130hp) and 6140 (136hp), each of which are available with TTV or PowerShift transmissions.  From ploughing, sowing and cultivating to transporting, harvesting and front loader work, the 6Series tractors are as versatile as your daily work is varied.

Maximum manoeuvrability, supreme efficiency and unparalleled operating comfort are trademark features of the DEUTZ-FAHR 6Series.

Like the 6 cylinder 6 Series, the high horsepower four-cylinder tractors come with powerful hydraulic systems as well as a range of hydraulic attachment points at the front and rear.

Ultra-efficient FARMotion 3.8 litre engines (Tier 3) with an output from 130 to 136 HP (95 to 100 kW), ensure characteristically high performance and low fuel consumption.

The spacious cab provides the high level of operating and driving comfort that DEUTZ-FAHR is renowned for. With five models in the range, DEUTZ-FAHR has added even more options to the technology mix.

Businesses looking for a tractor that offers a wide range of features as well as comfort and convenience, are guaranteed to find a perfectly suitable all-round tractor to match their work profile and individual requirements





Designed specifically for use in the agriculture sector, the 3.849cc FARMotion engine featuring tier 3 compliance, is a 4 cylinder turbo inter-cooled, electronically controlled engine. The fuel supply system uses new 7-hole injectors and Common Rail technology with maximum operative pressures of up to 2000 bar. This maximises the immediate response to sudden load variations and at the same time decreases polluting emissions.

The new, sturdier FARMotion engines use cylinders with thicker, extractable liners and a new, forged steel crankshaft to make them more robust and improve balance. The engine block has been strengthened for increased reliability and durability; a valuable improvement when working with a front-end loader.

Maintenance of the FARMotion is now even easier, thanks to the single multi-purpose belt with automatic tensioner, and the automatic hydraulic valve lash adjuster, both completely maintenance free.

Dedicated sensors constantly monitor and optimise all the operating parameters, and diesel injection is adjusted to ensure a stable, constant performance when changing power shifts. The response to speed and load variations is rapid, direct and precise




The new 6 Series PowerShift models have a solid, five-speed manual gearbox with three power shift steps and speed matching among, other comfort bonuses. Two versions are available: a 30+30 or a 60+60 speed version with creeper and super-creeper.

These transmission systems also feature the electro-hydraulic power shuttle system with five-stage pre-selectable response characteristics (SenseClutch). This makes it possible to change their direction of travel without interrupting torque.

The Stop&Go system facilitates precise manoeuvring in tight spaces, without the need to operate the clutch. This is a key advantage of the new 6 Series models in terms of convenience, particularly during front loader work.

The Comfort Clutch system makes it possible to change gears without using the clutch pedal. The top speed is 50 km/h but 40 km/h can also be achieved with reduced engine speed.

For farmers who appreciate robust gear-shifting technology and still want perform some operations manually, the new 6Series PowerShift models are the perfect choice. 

The continuously variable TTV transmission provides greater speed and flexibility and may be a preferred option. This mature concept has been tried and tested over the years and is even more efficient thanks to new software.

Three driving modes are available to allow the driver to adapt to every situation at work: manual, automatic and PTO. The overall speed range extends from 0 km/h to 50 km/h. The TTV transmission is extremely efficient at all speeds.

The engine and transmission controls are perfectly coordinated and support user-defined settings.

The active-power-zero standby control makes it possible to stop without activating the brake pedal or clutch.

Every single detail of the TTV transmission has been designed to maximise the productivity of the 6 Series models.




Comfort and quiet are essential for drivers who work long days and nights. DEUTZ-FAHR addresses these important issues; the 6 Series models are fitted as standard with cab suspension that reduces noise and vibrations by up to 40%. 

The work space of the 6 Series 4 cylinder tractors boasts an impressive design. All of the controls for the engine, transmission, power take-off, hydraulic control valves and the light, as well as the MMS for the InfoCentrePro are within easy reach, built into the side console to the right of the driver.




The 4 cylinder 6 Series tractors show the extent of their equipment versatility when it comes to the hydraulic systems.

 A 120l/min closed centre system is standard across the range. The models available in Australia provide a choice between a mechanical, simple to use lever option to control your auxiliary rear remotes, or an electronic system which gives timer and flow controllability from inside the cabin.

The electro-hydraulically controlled rear hitch can lift up to 5,000 kg. This system is easy to use through the logical control unit located in the cabin. The rear push buttons are located on the rear guards.

An optional front linkage can be fitted with a capacity of 2,880 kg.

High quality front-end loaders, standard with euro hitch, third function and soft ride can be optioned. The loaders work at quick cycle times due to the high flow, closed centre flow hydraulic system.

Four PTO speeds at the rear (540, 540ECO, 1000 and 1000ECO) are standard equipment for the PowerShift version, and  three PTO speeds (540,540ECO and 1000)for the TTV version. The automatic PTO function is included as standard. This activates or deactivates the PTO depending on the power lift position.

The 6 Series 4 cylinder range offers everything for everyone. You can decide on the right equipment for you.

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6140 TTV - 50kph



FARMotion Tier 4i Diesel Engine
4 Cyl/3849cc Turbocharged/Intercooled
Electronically Controlled
No AdBlue / No DPF / No DOC
Liquid/Oil Cooled with viscous fan
High pressure Diesel injection/common rail
136 hpMax hp@ 2200 rpm (2000/25/CE)
6 HpPower Boost
Torque 544 Nm @1600 rpm
100% Bio Diesel Compliant
Engine Speed Programming –2 settings
Powercore Air Filter with Dust Ejectors
Side vertical exhaust
Fuel Tank 200 litres

TRANSMISSION TTV 2 range Variable Transmission
3 Modes (AUTO, Manual, PTO)
Eco/Power Dial
Speed Cruise Control ×2
Active Stationary Control (Power Zero)
Wet clutch Powershuttle
Shuttle modulation –5 Stage (Sense Clutch)
Front Wheel Assist –Push Button
4 Wheel Independent Braking
Hydraulic parking brake (HPB)
100% Front & Rear Diff Lock –Push Button
ASM Auto Diff Lock & 4WD Engagement
Front axle suspension
50km/h Road speed
PTO Independent wet multidisc clutch
3 Speed PTO 540/540E/1000
Push Button Control in cab/fender
Auto PTO
Interchangeable PTO Spline Function
1’’ 3/8 –6 Spline PTO  shaft
WHEEL EQUIPMENT AND MISCELLANEOUS Fixed Fully Welded Radial Wheel Equipment
480/65R28 Front -600/65R38 Rear
2450mm rear guard extensions
Pre arrangement for front linkage + PTO
Front Weight Frame
Swinging CAT A drawbar
ISO 11786 7 pin socket + 12V socket
HYDRAULIC/LINKAGE Closed Centre Hyd Pump System
120 L/min Hyd flow a Rear Remotes
Power Beyond Valve and load sensing lines
Hi Flow & Free Flow return
4 Sets of Electro-Hyd Remotes
Timer & Flow Control on all Remotes
AGROTRONIC EHR with position & draft
External Raise & lower on Rear Fenders
Cat II Hook ends
5000 kg lift capacity
OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT E class Air Conditioned Cab
Mechanical Cabin Suspension
Max-Professional Air Seat
Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
SDD Rapid Steering circuit
Hi Visibility Glass Roof
INFOCENTER Pro Digital Display
COMFORTIP sequential drive system
Satellite armrest with MaxCom joystick
4 Programmable buttons on MaxCom joystick
Trainee Seat with Seatbelt
MP3 Radio Player with Quad Speakers
Telescopic Mirrors
WOLP lights control panel
8 Cabin Work lights
2 Work lights on Cab post
4 Bonnet Front Work lights
Rotating Beacon
WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONS Wheelbase 2550 mm
Length 4428mm
Total Height 2740mm
Total Weight 5950kg


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